Interior Chinatown by Charles Yu

I read Interior Chinatown a few months ago having no idea that the author, Charles Yu, was such a well known force in the writing world. The National Book Award is a famous literary award and their longlist for 2020 just came out. The longlist consists of the top books nominated in a category: after… Continue reading Interior Chinatown by Charles Yu

Barn 8 by Deb Olin Unferth

I am not exactly sure how to go about explaining my feelings on this book. There were parts that I loved and parts that I was "ehhh" about. Overall, I do not regret reading it and there were some very memorable moments. I love birds so I was definitely drawn to the book because of… Continue reading Barn 8 by Deb Olin Unferth

Coconut Cowboy by Tim Dorsey

"It concerns the decay of the American Dream, and Florida as the bellwether of collapse." This book is a wild romp through the state of Florida. It's like the author has taken the complete wackiness that is "Florida Man" and has turned it into a book. The main character Serge A. Storms is a man… Continue reading Coconut Cowboy by Tim Dorsey

How To Date Men When You Hate Men by Blythe Roberson

The author Blythe Roberson is HYSTERICAL! Contrary to what the title alludes to, Blythe doesn't actually hate (all) men. It's more about how hard it is to date when we are "in an era that we thought was the end of patriarchy...and at the beginning of an age where robots do all our dating for… Continue reading How To Date Men When You Hate Men by Blythe Roberson

They Eat Puppies, Don’t They? By Christopher Buckley

Bird reflected on his fortune: a trophy wife, candelabra-wielding mother, stair-case threatening caregiver, saber-wielding brother, dentally and mentally challenged caretaker, crumbling house, money-sucking mortgage, dwindling bank account. The Institute for Continuing Conflict  The premise of the novel revolves around political tensions between The United States, China, and the Dalai Lama. If that doesn’t seem too… Continue reading They Eat Puppies, Don’t They? By Christopher Buckley