How To Date Men When You Hate Men by Blythe Roberson

The author Blythe Roberson is HYSTERICAL! Contrary to what the title alludes to, Blythe doesn’t actually hate (all) men. It’s more about how hard it is to date when we are “in an era that we thought was the end of patriarchy…and at the beginning of an age where robots do all our dating for us.” She really runs the gambit of different stages of relationships: from the beginning (having a crush) all the way to the end (being single is ok.) She uses a lot of her weird, revelatory experiences in each section. My favorite parts are when she gives advice.

Ways to Kill Time While You’re Waiting to Answer a Text

Be in Peru and have no wi-fi. I went to Peru immediately after meeting a new guy and it for SURE extended our flirtation by three months, because I took approximately eight hours to respond to any of his texts. Hot!”

Professionally Insecure Woke Boys

“There are certain types of men you can expect to oppress you. These include Republicans, venture capitalists, and men from South Carolina whose friend Gunnar had a horrible time at Fyre Festival.”

Bad Flirts That Do Not Work

“Scheming. Elaborate plans to snare a man’s attention never work, but it is fun to scheme because it is so truly stupid. I’ve tried getting a guy to do the Thirty-Six Questions That Lead to Love thing (we started making out before I could enact the plan.)”

This book should be read by every female, whether in a relationship or not, because even if you don’t take it seriously it is highly entertaining, I read the entire book on my 8 hour flight that had a broken entertainment system. Luckily I had this gem to make me laugh out loud obnoxiously the entire time we were stuck over the Pacific Ocean.

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