A little (or a lot) about libraries

I’m finally here to talk about something other than a book I’ve read, woo! Let’s talk about libraries this time! My library system is Miami-Dade County Public Libraries and I absolutely love it. My sister recommended the library to me because of two things: one because of my passion for reading, and two because of my lack of funds to buy books. Access to the library is free for anyone who is a resident of the county that the libraries are located in. In order to join you need an ID with your address on it.

So what are libraries good for other than the obvious borrowing of hard copies of books, magazines, and dvds? Welllll, let me enlighten you 🙂 It will be my pleasure.

  1. You can have access to computers and free WiFi. Which is great for many reasons, including but not limited to: being able to print and copy things, to study, or to job search like I’m currently doing.
  2. They have community events for adults, children, and teens. I.e. in February they have a bunch of events for Black History Month.
  3. They have a bunch of learning resources. I.e. tutoring, career databases, languages, DMV practice tests. (I suggest exploring ALL of them, just not all at one time)
  4. I’m not sure about other library systems but you can even get museum passes from mine.
  5. There are a bunch of apps that you can download in which the library will give you free access to: ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, movies, and even music. A list of these will be at the end of this.
  6. One of my favorite features is to find a book on the online catalog and then request to pick it up at whichever library you want.
  7. If no one is waiting for your book it automatically renews which is great, especially if you forgot you still had it somewhere and need to find it.
  8. They have local, state, and federal government information and services. i.e food stamps, IRS tax forms, elderly and disability forms.
  9. A Permanent Art Collection which to be honest I’ve never looked at.
  10. Official U.S. passport services

***Please note that this information is about the Miami-Dade Public Library systems so it might not apply to all libraries across the country.

–Hoopla and Libby (overdrive) are great for ebooks and audiobooks. In my opinion Hoopla is better for audiobooks and Libby for ebooks.

–RBdigital has magazines and audiobooks. They also have a collection of The Great Courses which are lectures about a variety of things such as history or language or science. All done by college professors.

–Freegal has music to download

I hope you all have fun exploring your own library!

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