Goddess of Vengeance by Jackie Collins

The main reason I am writing about this book by Jackie Collins is because I enjoy the story of how I came to be in possession of it. I was with a group of my friends at a condo for the weekend, and I had brought my own book that I thought was going to be an amazing beach read. A hundred pages into the book I realized how much I really couldn’t stand it. In the common area of the condo there was a huge library with a bunch of books for everyone to read, so naturally I went exploring, and thank goodness Goddess of Vengeance called out to me. Soon I did what any sane person would do: I did a quick switch of the two books, and I was once again a happy reader. Hopefully someone out there doesn’t hate me for that book and maybe that person will end up enjoying it! One can only hope.

The book is all about terrible people doing terrible things vs not as terrible people doing okay things. It’s quite a large book but can be finished very quickly due to how uncomplicated the plot is. I know that might not sound very exciting, but the book is so much fun and over the top that it’s hard to put down! The main character, Lucky, is a hilarious and strong force to be reckoned with. Men beware! In my opinion the female characters are the best, but the male characters lend the spice that is needed to understand how crazy and awesome the women are.

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