Book It Babe’s Project 2023

I just want to start this post off by thanking anyone who reads my posts. I don’t need to reach a million people but it makes me happy if even one person likes a post of mine. 2023 will be my 6th year of this blog, which is shocking and exciting.

This year I decided to get input from friends on what I was going to read. I chose some tropes and genres of books and had them vote! It was very fun to do and I am grateful for friends who will help nurture my creative side.

For 2022 I finished 11 out of the 12 books I wanted to read and write about. In total I read more than 100. Not going to recap them this year because I wrote about 10 of them and I tagged them under Project 2022 so they are easy to find.

Without further ado, here are my choices for 2023.

  1. Paranormal romance with witches
  2. Enemies to lovers romance
  3. Book by an Asian author
  4. (Another) book about birds
  5. New release of 2023
  6. Short story
  7. Cozy Mystery
  8. Fantasy
  9. Author whose last name starts with the same first letter of my last name. In this case that would be an L.
  10. A book by an author who has written more than 10 books
  11. Book about Rosalind Franklin
  12. Book about the female codebreakers of World War II

Happy reading everyone!

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