Quote This Book- An Instagram Story

So a few months ago one of my closest friends approached me with her idea to create an Instagram to showcase our favorite books. The idea itself is very common: if you aren’t already aware, an Instagram dedicated to books/reading, aka a bookstagram, is a scorching hot topic. What I thought was so original, was how she wanted to format it. Her idea was to make a post with the cover of the book, a few of our favorite quotes, and then a call to action (i.e have you read this book?.)

Another really good friend of ours joined us and voila our bookstagram was born! We brainstormed names and quickly came up with Quote This Book.

The woman with the grand plan is Sophie. She has her own blog and Instagram that empowers people, especially women, to live their most passionate lives. She is genuinely interested in helping foster financial and professional smarts and wants to make your life easier with some handy tips and tricks. You can find her at sophieexplains.com.

The other co-founder Danielle, has her own bookstagram and blog as well. Her content is centered around the joy of reading, travel, and eating: all of which she captures so delightfully and with considerable thought. You can find her at bibliotrips.com.

To follow our Instagram just click @quotethisbook or search for it on the app.

We also bring other fun aspects to our gram but you will just have to follow us to find out 🙂

As always, mahalo for sticking with me!

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