The Lynburn Legacy Trilogy: Unspoken, Untold, Unmade by Sarah Rees Brennan

Kami had been hearing a voice in her head all her life.  When she was eight, people had thought it was cute that she had an imaginary friend. It was very different now that she was seventeen.  Kami was accustomed to people thinking she was crazy.” –From Unspoken

With witty dialogue reminiscent of the Gilmore Girls, the teenage love angst of the Twilight series (but with a more daring heroine), and the good versus evil magic of Harry Potter, The Lynburn Trilogy will not disappoint.  Sure, the chapter headings make no sense.  Yes, the plot is a bit weak. Of course, the ending is predictable, but you wont care because you will fall in love with the characters. 

Tenacious wanna be investigative journalist Kami Glass and her friends Angela, Holly, and Rusty are people you wish you knew in high school.  Ash and Jared, are the Lynburn boys, whose messed up relationship with their good/evil parents make you appreciate your own parents that much more.   All set in the back drop of a sleepy English village called Sorry-in-the-Vale, equipped wgith its own manor house, enchanted forest, and magical ponds.  You will finish all three books in three days if you have the time, especially considering the blatant cliff hangers of the first two.  So don’t start unless you have all three handy or you will be in a world of Sorry.

Review by guest A. Thrift

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