The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman

“Do you know the best feeling in the world? … It’s reading a book, loving every second of it, then turning to the front and discovering that the writer wrote fourteen zillion others.

Abbi Waxman created a knockout romance. It’s funny, adorable, and relatable. The main character Nina Hill is an introvert who can’t quite relate to most people who aren’t as bookish as her. At some points in the book her character feels snobbish, but the more you read and learn about her, the reasons why become clear and the snobbishness fades away.

Did you know that a moment is a medieval term for a minute and a half?

This book is very zingy, is fast paced, and is full of a lot of fun characters. There is a lot of trivia knowledge strewn throughout because Nina is part of a trivia team that (almost) never loses, and her love interest Tom, belongs to the rival trivia team.

Nina nodded, and he got her a glass that, as he warned, was pretty bad. Nina wasn’t a wine snob or anything, but she was a millennial, and as you’ve probably heard, they drink more wine than any generation in history. This would probably be disputed by the ancient Romans, but the Internet doesn’t check sources very thoroughly.

To me the thing I liked most about the plot is that it doesn’t revolve around the romance the whole time. It’s woven into the storyline but you are getting more of a sense of who Nina Hill is and what kind of people she surrounds herself with, rather than putting too much emphasis on falling in love. That being said, Tom is awesome. He is sweet, understanding, and knows a lot about sports.

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