The Field Guide to Dumb Birds of North America

The birds in the book are organized according to the bird they are deep down inside.

What can I say, I’m extremely pleased with this book. It’s displayed on my book shelf next to a little glass bird and a ceramic tile with a Kingfisher on it. I received the book as a Secret Santa present and boy was my friend on point. I had heard of the book before but I never planned on buying it myself, but I am grateful that I now own it.

The author, Matt Kracht, has written a very smart little book. There are illustrations of 50 birds and hilarious notes about each of them. He makes fun of the birding world even though he himself is a part of it and I find that very endearing. The book isn’t nonsense however, because he really does teach you about each bird despite his funny little comments. It is worth reading if you enjoy animals and humor (or if you just like humor is fine too.)

Western Meadojerk (common name: Western Meadowlark)

Look at this jerk singing his heart out. The western meadowlark is a medium-sized Icterid bird, whatever that means. It builds its nest on the ground in open grasslands, which proves it’s stupid. If you can fly, why the hell don’t you build your nest in a tree where it’s at least safe from dogs. Plus, it’s the state bird of about six states you wouldn’t want to live in.