The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton

Important note: you might also see The 7 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle as a title.

The best way to encapsulate my feelings on this book would be…WOWZA. I know it’s not an official word but it does exist in urban dictionary, so that’s something right?! It can mean: a surprisingly amazing, oh my gosh, out of the ordinary expression or a phrase of pure enjoyment of things, either sicko-ish or scary-ish.

Wingback chairs have been arranged to hide the cracks in the walls, while paintings and porcelain vases attempt to lure the eye from crumbling cornices. Given the extent of decay, such concealment seems a futile gesture. They’ve carpeted a ruin.

The author, Stuart Turton, does not hold back on this mystery. Everything you read will keep you guessing and desperate for more (I finished this book within a week.) I do think that the book is a bit dark and you have to pay attention because it can get confusing with all the characters. The main character, Aiden Bishop, has to solve the mystery of what happened to Evelyn Hardcastle by being forced into the body of a different person every night. He can only escape if he solves the mystery. Turton does a good job at repeating certain points so that as you read along you are reminded of important elements crucial to the plot. Aiden is one of the most interesting main characters I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know. Joining him on his journey is an adventure. If murder mystery is at all your thing, this book is a must read.

I failed her this morning, and it’s all I’ve thought about since. Now that I have a second chance, I cannot turn my back. She’s in danger and I can help, so I must. If that’s not enough to keep me at Blackheath, I don’t deserve the life I’m so fearful of losing. Come what may, I must be in the graveyard at 10:20 pm.

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