2018 Book Ideas

I have been inspired by a reading challenge called Read Harder from a site called Book Riot. There are so many reading challenges on the web that are great to start with if you’ve never done one before! In my case, I have decided to compile my own list of book themes to tackle this year. FYI books can fit multiple categories, which means I will be reading multiple books in certain categories.

  1. A book that has been translated (into English)
  2. A book about a President
  3. A book of True Crime
  4. An Oprah Book Club Selection
  5. A Microhistory
  6. A book a friend recommends
  7. A Feminist book
  8. A book by Roxane Gay (which also fits the above theme)
  9. A book about a Historical Event
  10. A book about Birds
  11.  A book published the year you were born
  12. A book related to Anthropology
  13. The first book from an author
  14. A book about a Revolution
  15. A book about Fashion
  16. A book about Hawai’i
  17. A book by a Person of Color
  18. A book about a Tycoon
  19. A book I’ve already read
  20. A book by John Le Carré (basically it means a spy book but supposedly he’s the master of them)

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